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Glands associated with Digestive Tract (Title)

Glands associated with Digestive Tract


Hepatic Stroma

Vascular Supply

Hepatic (Classical) Lobule

Hepatic (Classical) Lobule (Illutration)

Functional Lobulation of the Liver

Hepatic Plate

Hepatic Parenchyma


Hepatocyte surface

Hepaticocyte - 3D structure

Perisinusoidal Space of Disse

Bile Canaliculi

Hepatic Sinusoids

Hepatic Sinusoid - 3D structure

Sinusoidal Endothelial Cell

Kupffer Cell (Macrophage)

Fat Storing Cell (Ito Cell)

Stereological Data of Liver Parenchyme

Functions of Hepatocyte

Functions: Carbohydrate Metabolism

Functions: Lipid Metabolism

Functions: Protein Synthesis

Functions: Bile Formation & Secretion

Functions: Detoxification

Major Diseases of the Liver

Biliary System

Bile Canaliculi, Bile Ductule & Bile Duct

Gall Bladder

Gall Bladder Epithelium

Gall Bladder Epithelial Cell


Exocrine Pancreas

Exocrine Pancreas Structures

Exocrine Pancreas (Illustration)

Pancreatic Acinar Cell

Centroacinar Cell

Pancreatic Cells

Physiologic Regulation of Pancreatic Function

Centroacinar Cell

Endocrine Pancreas

Cells of Endocrine Pancreas

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